Open Data – Climate Change Panel Discussion

The second Panel Conversation is on: “Research and Innovation and Open Data – Climate Change” with Gavin Smith, Prof. Brian Ó Gallachóir, Rowan Fealy, Tim McCarthy and Charlotte O’Kelly @EPAIreland @MaREIcentre @MaynoothUni @Maynoothgeog @TechWorksMarine @IRLDeptPER #ODImpact Originally tweeted by Derilinx (@derilinx) on April 20, 2021.

Launch of Terrain-AI – SFI and Microsoft funded research lead by Maynooth University

Leveraging the latest multimodal sensing technologies, IOT devices and the Microsoft Azure Cloud, the project will build artificial intelligence (AI) models that can inform more effective and sustainable management practices, leading to significant carbon reduction. Data will be captured from satellites, airborne platforms, as well as in-field instruments, from 14 test sites strategically located acrossContinue reading “Launch of Terrain-AI – SFI and Microsoft funded research lead by Maynooth University”

Post-Doctoral Researcher or Data Scientist (18 months)

Hydrological/Earth System Modeller A suitably qualified candidate (PhD or highly qualified Masters/or excellent primary degree with good modelling experience (e.g. hydrological / land surface models)) is required to support the data and computational R&D aspects within the SoMoSAT work-programme. Part of this role will involve overseeing the acquisition of relevant geo-spatial (e.g. climate, soils, vegetation)Continue reading “Post-Doctoral Researcher or Data Scientist (18 months)”